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Web Counter Code On Website

Webmasters that manage a website do a lot of tasks on regular basis. They check their websites for the speed of their server. Check speed of their webhost so that it is available on your site is running smooth and fine. Also they check if their site have any milicious code that is a security risk for the site visitors. Also they check that all of the pages are up and running. 

The name of the pages are good and all of the pages are there and there is no 404 no found error. Also web site owners put web counter on their website to keep the track of the visitors that are coming on the website. It is a good practice that web site owners and webmaster keep track of their site visitors so that they can know that how many people and coming to their website so that they can change the policy of marketing so that more people comes on the site. 

We recommend you two websites

1. www.hitwebcounter.com
2. www.ewebsitecounter.com

It is very easy to pur counter code on your website. Just copy and paste the code these sites offer and paste on the webpage you want to track . This will give you information that you many times this site have been loaded and so the website owner will know how many visitors and people are visiting their sites.

This web Counter Code can be put on any site like PHP, ASP, JSP and the normal JSP site. This make these fancy counters very handy and very versitile and can be used on any time of hosting and variety of webservers. 

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