Stylish Blog Counter

Stylish Blog Counter

People used to write diaries in the past. You must have heard the words of many people after they died and when their diaries were revealed many things about them were known. People used to write diaries and try to keep them at all times with them. One of the problem in that approach was that that diary could not be shared.

They were not like webdiaries or WebLogs or BLOGS. In this advance days people write blogs and 1000s of people can instantly read their blogs online. You can even setup an emal which will notify you whenever a new item in Blog have been posted or a new note have been written in their blogs. As a BLOG owner you will be interested in tracking the visitors to your website.

So there must be some thing to put Stylish Blog Counter on your websites. Two sites which we recommend provides you with free and Blog Counters of various styles and colours .

Also there are many website available which offer you free blogs. You dont have to spend even a single penny for web hosting and still keep and write your own blog. Some of the famous blogs which we recommend are as below , ,  , ,  , ,

You can put Stylish Blog Counter from these sites on any of these blog sites. After you setup your blog just go to and then select the counter of your style. Choose the best style and color which suits your site. This will integrate the counter very well with your website and you would start tracking your web visitors.

Two types of counter are there for you. One of them will increment with every page load. Other will only increment when a new visitor will visit you site. It will keep track of your IP address. If the site is visited from the same IP the web counter will not increment. So you will only see the unique visitors that are coming to your website and will help to know that how much interested the people are in your blogs.

This will also motivate you to write good posts on topics which are of interest to people so that they keep on coming again and again.

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