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Free Website Counter
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If you are planning to put  Free Web Counter on your website than you are indeed making a right decision. This is becuase if you are running a website even your own personal website you would love to track the number of visitors or people that are coming to your site. For a business or ecommerce website this Visitor counter or tracker is even more important as a website which is getting more visitors is selling more items. This also means that more people are coming to your site and looking at your cataloge and guess the end result would be . 

It would be that you would get up getting more sales and hence more profits. Putting and tracking web traffic with this counter is as easy as 1 2 3 and we recommend these sites.


You can just check or select on the counter of your choice and get the code after pressing the button at the bottom. This will give you a piece of small code which will be pasted to the website which you are planning to track and waoooo the counter will start working right way so there is nothing you will need to worry about even if you have zero technical expertise. The Free Website counter from these sites is thus very easy to put on any sort of website whether its a blog or wheter its a news site or an ordinary website. Choose from a list of couters and choose what ever seems perfect for your site. 

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